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DIOR Workshop Exceeds Expectations

Dior is so much more than clothes on a runway. There is also a makeup and beauty line that is very highly admired by the elite. I was introduced to the skincare line a few months back and fell in love with the cleansers as well as the One Essential and Hydra Life collections.

After shopping the Dior product one day I was invited to an upcoming workshop. I was thrilled to be asked and was immediately put on the books. After a few weeks I realized I was unable to attend the workshop, so I called to cancel. The representative immediatley recommended another time slot that was available during my open availability.


I attended the workshop and was very impressed with the overall atmosphere and service that was provided. Suhad, a Dior Beauty Advisor and Makeup Artist from the Macy’s Dior in Troy, MI was my personal consultant and Jonathan from corporate Dior was there to assist with a personal make-up tutorial.

Following the workshop and shopping the collection I received a make-up bag as a gift with purchase.

Dior Make-up Bag

I was invited to become a DIOR DIVA. To be the first to hear the latest news from Dior and gain access to exclusive shopping rewards, special offers, insider tips, and more! The personal attention that I received as a customer was beyond my expectations and I know that I will continue to shop Dior product because of their excellent customer service.

*I was not compensated to write a review for Dior.

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Trend Watch

Artisan Repair is the newest trend alert for the upcoming season. Many designers are using new patches and repair work on their denim collections. This leads to hand-spun attitudes and age-old mending techniques to create artisan surfaces. Denim producers are using darning techniques, haphazard stitch colors and fabric remnant patchworks to create distinct finishes on denim garments.

The distressed look of busted knees, worn-out seams and frayed edges are all reinforced with naïve decorative stitch work to give denim its own beautiful aesthetic. This trend reminds me of the “DIY” projects, where you can take anything old and remake it into your own unique piece that fits your personal style. Maybe an old pair of jeans can be studded out, abrasions added and frayed to create a new look. Fashion is always changing, evolving and in constant repetition so to reuse old materials is just a simple way to recycle used garments and inspire new fashion creations.



The photograph below was taken at the WALK7 Lansing runway show that was held on April 6th, 2013. The Show was fantastic showcasing designers from the Midwest region.

WALK7 Lansing Runway Show Copyright2013ILE 1(855)ILE-PHOTO

WALK7 Lansing Runway Show
Copyright2013ILE 1(855)ILE-PHOTO

WALK Fashion Show is on their 7th runway show with the next event being held on

June 8th, 2013 in Detroit, MI.

Visit Walk Fashion Show on Facebook

to view more pictures of the largest fashion show in the Midwest.