My Story

I love God, my family and friends, living a healthy active lifestyle, shopping, traveling and doing anything spontaneous and adventurous.

I live a CRAZY beautiful life and love it! Every day is different. I fly by the seat of my pants and am always on the go. Theres nothing like getting in the car, revving the engine and having the freedom to go anywhere, so thrilling!!

I am a student studying fashion, marketing and management at the Art Institute of Michigan and absolutely love the career path I have chosen. Although I am still undecided of what job I want to pursue when I graduate, I am taking every opportunity to volunteer and intern in the industry to get a feel for all the different avenues that are available in fashion.

I’ll give you little taste of how I got to where I am today. In 2010, I became a waitress at a local Applebee’s in my hometown and worked there for a year and a half. After realizing that I didn’t want to be a waitress the rest of my life and knowing that I wanted to get back into what my passion was, which obviously is fashion, I started looking into schools near Detroit. I found AIMD, which was 2 hours from home and knew I had to do anything to get myself there. I couldn’t afford to live on my own and pay for school, but my grandmother lived 40 minutes from campus so I signed up for the next term of classes, packed my bags and loaded my ’95 Mustang to hit the road for the craziest adventure of my life. So much has happened in the first year alone of my adventure towards receiving my degree. I will graduate with my bachelors in September of 2014 and who knows where I will be off too then, but for now I live a crazy-on-the-go life chasing a fashion dream.

Never forget to laugh, smile, dream big, aim high, be inspirational and believe in YOURSELF!

XOXO – Kellie


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