Student to Editorial Associate

Who is Audrey LaForest?

Audrey LaForest

Audrey LaForest

Ambassador Magazine Editorial Associate, Audrey LaForest, is from the greater Detroit area with a passion for writing, editing and fashion. With a full tuition scholarship to Wayne State, she graduated on the Deans list with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Apparel Design. While obtaining a degree from Wayne State University she was a contributor to the student body. LaForest wrote a variety of articles for Wayne State University’s student newspaper including features, Q&A articles, book reviews, lectures and other newsworthy events happening within Detroit.

Audrey LaForest

Audrey LaForest

Alongside her studies, LaForest was active in working in the industry every opportunity she could in order to gain experience and learn hands-on directly. She was an editorial intern at, editorial intern at Hour Media, retail sales intern at Nordstrom and editorial intern at Ambassador Magazine. LaForest expressed the importance of seeking every opportunity to get experience through volunteering and internships in the field of study that one pursues. These opportunities lead to connections made within the industry and networking which ultimately is the greatest way to get your dream job.

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Are you taking every opportunity to network in your field?


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