Addicted to Dior

Dior Diva Workshop

A Day in the Life of A Dior Addict

Once again my crazy addiction for Dior leads me to another private event. I felt like Audrey Hepburn in the opening scene of the film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, as she fantasias in front of Tiffany & Co. Although it is not extravagant jewels that I am dreaming about in this case, it is the House of Dior’s luxurious cosmetic line. The cosmetic line is not in many women’s discretionary income, but it is definitely affordable to obtain pieces of their magnificent collection.

Jonathan Ader, Dior MUA

Jonathan Ader, Dior MUA

Dior’s national makeup artist, Jonathan Ader, was in Michigan in May of 2013 for a workshop held at the 12Oaks Macy’s Dior beauty counter. Ader is a Chicago native and an expert on skincare and cosmetics. I was fortunate enough to attend the event and bring a guest as well. The red carpet led way to the presentation given inside Macy’s, which held 30 Dior addicts like myself enjoying appetizers and refreshments taking note of every beauty tip. Ader gave great advice on how to apply makeup for each individual and taught us how to create our own signature look.

Dior Beauty Products

Dior Beauty Products

Discover the Bird of Paradise summer collection as it tells the story of this exotic bird, inspired by the stunning beauty of breathtaking nature and Dior fashion, bursting with color. Eyeshadows this summer in shades of exotic blue, coral lipstick and peacock blue. Makeup Design Director, Tyen, sees the Dior woman as a bird of paradise adorned in cheerful tropical colours. Inspired by Christian Dior’s passion for colours, the ‘Bird of Paradise’ collection tells stories of faraway and exotic lands. To mark the occasion, the legendary 5 Couleurs case has been re-designed with shimmery pigments inspired by the golden sheen of peacock feathers. I cant wait to see the new case and most definitely with be saving for some of the pieces in the new collection.

Are you a Dior addict?


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