“How To” Bleach Tie-Dye

Bleach Tie-Dying

One of the newest trends hitting shelves this season is tie-dye of any sort.

“Tie-Dye Makes A Fashionable Return To The Spotlight”

and is suddenly looking much more fashionable,

thanks to notable spring collections from Band of Outsiders, House of Holland, Tory Burch and more.


Bleach Tie-Die Inspiration

Bleach Tie-Dye Inspiration

Bleach Tie-Dye Demo

Bleached Denim

Bleached Denim

Check out this DIY Tie Dye Jeans blog that gives inspiration for this hot trending style.

Bleach Tie-Dye Scarf

Bleach Tie-Dye Scarf

Today many love to “DIY” and try new projects. Here are steps that you can do to create a bleach-dyed top.

You will need bleach, a spray bottle, a dark colored shirt (preferably made of cotton), rubber bands and two wooden boards or hard objects.

Begin by laying out the shirt and folding it accordion style.

Next place the shirt on one of the boards with the other board on the top of the shirt so it looks like a sandwhich.

Now add a few rubber bands around your ‘sandwich’ to hold it together.

Make sure that you do your work over a plastic bag so the bleach doesn’t screw up the surface you are working on and wear rubber clothes to protect your hands.

Fill a spray bottle with bleach so that you can spray the edges of the shirt folded between the pieces of wood.

When finished spraying the shirt, take it out and let is completely dry before machine washing it. If the color is brown or red-ish, it will most likely lighten up.

Bleach Tie-Dye Top

Bleach Tie-Dye Top

Leave a comment if you have tried bleach tie-dying. I am curious to know how your garment turned out!


3 thoughts on ““How To” Bleach Tie-Dye

  1. I used to be a tie-dye pro as a kid but I never thought I could turn that skill into something fashionable. I’ll definitely have to try this diy once it gets a little warmer outside!

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  3. I used to do this all the time. Anytime I ruined a shirt or spilled something on it, I would tie dye it with bleach. They usually turned out pretty cute. I also used bleach pens to draw on colored t-shirts and write my name of the back of my soccer jerseys… my coach didn’t like that so much.

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